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Located in Obernai, Restaurant L'Osmose welcomes you in an original setting

which combines the authenticity of raw materials such as Alsace sandstone, exposed beams or stained glass

with the contemporaneity of the arrangement and decoration.


This alliance is just like cooking. Indeed, the Chief Antoine Botter sublimates his art

to make sure an explosion of the senses through the magic of his meticulous dishes.

Let yourself be surprised by the marriage and the complementarity of tastes for your pleasure alone.

To sublimate the osmosis of your gastronomic appointments, our Master Sommelier Frédéric Voné will put his exceptional knowledge wines at your service for a perfect match with your menu.




L'Osmose Restaurant is the experience of a refined, unique and inventive cuisine


Antoine BOTTER

Frédéric VONÉ


Trained at CFPPA Illkirch and after obtaining his CAP cook, Antoine BOTTER, 32 years, builds his experience in European starred restaurants. He started as Chef de Cuisine in 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in Brussels and later got a star at Jaloa still in the same city. Subsequently, the post of Acting Head is entrusted to him on his way to the brewery des Haras in Strasbourg and always eager to forge his experience and to evolve he will be illustrated more recently at the restaurant "Du Côté de chez Anne". Note also her Gold Medal Grand Prix of the Armand Weidman Trophy won at the Young Cooks Contest in 2002.

Frédéric Voné has a great experience of gastronomic catering. Cumulating degrees and prices, the winners are eloquent. Il is particularly recognized in his profession of sommelier and is unanimous about his work. Here are some of his distinctions:½ Finale of the Best Sommelier of France, Winner of the Press and Wine Award in 2005, F inalist of the Master of Port en2015-2012-2008 - 2006-2002 , Sommelier of the year in 2010, Winner of a more beautiful wine list of France in gastronomy '' la tour des cartes '' in 2017. This Master Sommelier of the Union of the French sommellerie is also Founder of Circle-Divine, Director of Catering Hotel **** and Chef Sommelier Restaurant **.

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